YouTube Mp3 Converter – 7 Best Ways to Convert Easily

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YouTube is the biggest video streaming platform. Where you can find Millions of videos on every single Topic. Yeah.! its everyone knows. So what you want. You want a YouTube Mp3 Converter.

So you like a Song on YouTube and you want to download this song in Mp3. So the problem is some peoples don’t know how to convert any YouTube Song or video to Mp3.

But don’t worry now we got some easy and simple ways to Convert any YouTube Video to Mp3.

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YouTube Mp3 Converter

There are many YouTube mp3 converter Websites and Apps.

You can download all YouTube videos in mp3 format. We will explain to you both Apps and Websites. Where you can convert any YouTube videos.


YouTube Mp3 Converter Apps

So first we are going to explain with you the best YouTube Mp3 Converter Apps.

1. SnapTube

So the first app in our list is SnapTube. Its simple YouTube Mp3 Converter App ever. You can also download Ultra HD YouTube videos by using this app.

We recommend you to use this app first If you want to download Songs or anything else through your smartphone. This app is not available on the Play Store. But don’t worry we will provide you a download link.

Download SnapTube

Click Here To Download SnapTube Now.

Process To Download In Mp3

  1. Install SnapTube.
  2. Open SnapTube App.
  3. Tap On “ YouTube
  4. YouTube will open in this App.
  5. Search any song you want to download in Mp3
  6. Tap on that Songs or Video.
  7. While playing the video you can see the download button.
  8. Click on that.
  9. Here you can download your video in any format.
  10. 720p, 480p, 360p, or Mp3.

youtube mp3 converter

Other Way To Download Or Convert

  1. Open YouTube App.
  2. Select your song or any video.
  3. You will find Share Button below the video.
  4. Click on Share Button.
  5. You will see lots of apps here but you want to select SnapTube.
  6. So now you can also download your desired video.

youtube mp3 converter


  1. Download Videos From Any Site.
  2. Download Videos From Instagram, Vimeo.
  3. Download Music From SoundCloud Easily.
  4. Apps Market Also Available In SnapTube.
  5. So You Can Download Apps Also.

So by this method, you can easily download any YouTube video.

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2. VidMate

VidMate is also a YouTube Mp3 Converter App. Using this app you will also download any YouTube video easily.

But unfortunately, this app is also not available on Play Store. But we give you a download link.

Download VidMate

Click Here To Download VidMate.

How to Convert

  1. After Installation open “ VidMate
  2. You will see many categories.
  3. Tap on YouTube and search for any video or song.
  4. You will also find a Download Button here.
  5. Click on this button and download in any format.
  6. Or you can also download with YouTube app with Share Button Like SnapTube.

youtube mp3 converter


  1. Convert and Download Videos From Any Site.
  2. Download Facebook, WhatsApp, Dailymotion, and Instagram videos.
  3. Download Status For WhatsApp.
  4. Download Movies, Music, Moments, and TV Shows.
  5. Download Apps From VidMate also.


YouTube Mp3 Converter Websites

You can convert YouTube videos with websites also. So we found top websites to convert any Song or Video in Mp3 format.

So here are top YouTube Mp3 Converter sites.

1. YTmp3

You can convert any video by using this website converter.

Download video in mp3 or any video format. This online YouTube mp3 converter is absolutely free of cost. Convert any video without any charges.

How to Convert

  1. Go to
  2. Open YouTube
  3. Copy link address of any video from YouTube.
  4. Paste the link ytmp3 search bar.
  5. It takes some time to search.
  6. After that video will be shown up.
  7. Tap on Download
  8. Your file is downloading now.

youtube mp3 converter

2. Youzik

Youzik is the fastest online YouTube Mp3 Converter. Using this converter site you will download your videos at a very fast speed from other websites.

You don’t have to sign up here. Only you have to do is just copy YouTube video link and Paste it into the Youzik Search bar.

This site will search that video and give you a download link.

So you can easily download or convert videos here.

youtube mp3 converter

3. Easy YouTube Mp3

Easy YouTube Mp3 Converter is free and easiest online converting tool. You can use this converter site on your Linux PC, Mac or even iPhone and Android also.

This YouTube Mp3 Converter is free of cost and did not ask you to join or sign up on their site.

So if you want to convert YouTube videos in mp3 format this site is best for you.

Steps to Download

  1. Visit YouTube
  2. Copy your converting video link
  3. Go to
  4. Paste here the link of the video that you want to convert
  5. This site will take 2 or 3 seconds and give you a result
  6. So now click on Download and get it

youtube mp3 converter

4. Convert2mp3

Convert2mp3 is also a YouTube Mp3 Converter. You can also convert any YouTube video from this site. It

is so easy and fast. If you don’t have IDM and you want to download YouTube videos then convert2mp3 is a great tool to download or convert any YouTube video.

By using this online converter site you can also download videos from Dailymotion and Clipfish.

So use this site and comment us about this.

Steps to Download

This site downloading or converting steps are equally the same as above converter sites. Only some things are different.

  1. Copy your video link.
  2. Go to
  3. Paste here YouTube video link.
  4. Choose file format to download.
  5. If you are choosing “Mp4” then select the quality of the video.
  6. After this “YouTube Mp3 Converter” will convert your video.
  7. So after converting it will give you a Download link.
  8. So click on that and download your file now.

youtube mp3 converter

5. Mp3 YouTube

So the last site in our list is

This Online Converting site interface is pretty simple and easy as well. You will easily convert and download any YouTube videos from this site. You can change the language also. Language Option is also available in this site.

This site is also same as other converting sites.

  • Just go to “
  • You have to Paste your YouTube URL on this site. After this, you will easily download any video.

youtube mp3 converter


So these are basic and simple ways to Convert any Youtube video easily. If you don’t comfortable with these sites just open “ Google ” and type “ YouTube Mp3 Converter ”.

You will also find many other online “ Youtube Mp3 Converter “ sites.

We hope that our this effort helps you a lot. So if you have any Question comment us below. We feel happy to give you Answer.


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