Top Fitness Apps For iPhone and Android

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We come back with Top Fitness Apps For iPhone and Android. Are you bored with your gym trainer? Or you want to do a workout at home. so we have good news for you.

We found top fitness apps for iPhone and Android.

These apps work on Both iPhone and Android with the same features.

Using these apps you can do your workout at home without any trainer. These apps amazingly designed and you will found lots of exercise in these apps.

In short, these apps will totally help you a lot in your fitness.

Top Fitness Apps For iPhone and Android

1.Charity Miles

When you walk, run or bike you can earn money for the Charity of your choice. You can support from over 40 great Charities to support. Here you will find gear, apps, books, recipes, events and more.

You will also find exclusive offers form Charity Miles sponsors to help you save money, live healthily and make an impact. Charity Miles is on our top list.

We like this app so much because you can earn money also for Charity with this app whenever you run, walk and the bike also.

We also loved it as it is one of the free fitness apps for iPhone or Android.

How far you walk or run this app tracks your steps and gives you some money for charity.

So why this app is on our Top list.

You will found many features in this App.

So we will explain to you where you can find this app, how to download it and how to use it.

How To Download.

You can use this app on both operating systems IOS and Android.

This app is available in both stores.

Charity Miles For iPhone.

Charity Miles For Android.

How To Use.

This app is quite simple to use. First of all, When you install this app on your iPhone or Android this app request you to Enable GPS access.

After enabling GPS you have to create an account in this app or you can join Charity Miles with Facebook also.

So after joining with Facebook or creating a new account, this app asks you to choose a Charity Foundation.

You have to select one of these Charity Foundations.

After selection, you will go to the Main Page of Charity Miles.

top fitness apps for iphone



  1. It has many features like Indore walk, Outdoor walk, Outdoor Run or Bike.
  2. You can join a team and walk with group members.
  3. You will found healthy recipes here.
  4. You can set your distance and track your steps
  5. How far you go it counts your steps and gives you cash.
  6. It’s motivating to see progress. Track the money you have raised and the miles you have completed.

2.Fitness Buddy.

Fitness Buddy is on number 2nd in our list of top free fitness apps for iPhone or Android.

We think Fitness buddy is the best bodybuilding app for you.

Because it offers you lots of exercises.

This app acts like your own trainer and gives you orders about how to do the workout.

It also tracks your fitness progress.

How To Download.

This app is available on both stores for iPhone or Android.

Download For iPhone.

Download For Android.

How To Use.

So when you install the app it doesn’t ask you to do anything. You don’t have to create an account at first however you can sign up or log in later.

In the main page, you can see various exercises. So if you go with the premium account you can find lots of top-level exercises with different categories.

In the filter option, you can choose an exercise that you want.

top fitness apps for iphone



  1. 100+ Workout Routines based on categories.
  2. Home Workout
  3. Chest, Core, Lower Body, Back, Shoulders, Arms Workouts.
  4. 12-week training plan.
  5. Day vise Meal plan for each Exercise.
  6. Blood Pressure Tracking System.
  7. Diet Plan and Exercises for Weight loss.
  8. Healthy recipes for normal use.

3.JEFIT Workout Tracker.

JEFIT Workout Tracker is very popular in one of the best fitness apps for iPhone and Android. This app is known for strength training.

You will found every type of workouts here. So this app customizes your fitness plans to keep healthy and fit.

This app offers you a bunch of exercises. You can do any workout whatever you want. Set your goals and achieve with JEFIT.

How To Download.

Simply go these links that given below and download JEFIT Workout Tracker.

Download For iPhone.
Download For Android.

How To Use.

This app also requests you to create an account. So don’t create a new account sign in with your Google account. When you have done with the sign in process you will go to the Home Page of JEFIT Workout Tracker.

On the main page, you will found many exercises. When you create a new account this app will automatically set on beginner mode. How long you go with the app, this app tracks your workouts your moves.

This app analyses your fitness and when you get stronger this app automatically increase levels to intermediate and Advanced. It will also offer you mode vise workouts.

top fitness apps for iphone


1.1,300 weight training workouts for Men and Women.
2. A to Z all workouts that you want
3. Set Training Progress.
4. Add your own Workout.
5.  Record your workouts.
6. Set up Day vise workout routine.
7. Create your body profile setup.
8. Check your training progress.
9. Set workout reminder.

10.Fitness Community

4.My Fitness by Jillian Michaels.

Jillian Michaels is an American personal trainer and business women. She is very popular with her fitness techniques.

She made her own personal training app to keep us healthy and motivated. This app has different types of exercise plans.

How To Download.

Download For iPhone.

Download For Android.

How To Use.

First of all, you have to sign up with your Gmail account. Then this app asks you to tell me about you. So here you have to enter your name, age, weight, and your height.

After this, you have to choose how hard can you workout.

Choose on of Easy, Medium, Hard and click on continue.

Select types of equipment that you have at your home or gym

Choose a workout plan that you want.

Choose a proper meal plan for proper nutrition fuels results.

You can find here different types of meal plans that suit your workouts.

‘In my journey page, you will see how much calories you burn today.

You can also store here your workout progress images like before and after.

top fitness apps for iphone


  1. 600+ Exercises.
  2. Video training.
  3. Videos for every single category Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.
  4. 7 to 45 minutes long training videos.
  5. Customizable meal planner
  6. SelfieTracking.
  7. Premium Programs.
  8. Day vise advance meal planner.

5.MyFitness Pal.

MyFitnessPal helps you more than other free fitness apps for iPhone. Because it’s helps you to track your workout progress. This app is perfect for whatever you want to do.

For Example, lose weight, gain weight or build a muscular body. This app has millions of healthy meal plans to keep you healthier.

My Fitness Pal low carb, heart healthy and macronutrient diet plans help you look and feel your best. So get unlimited access to your reports from all previous weeks. This app will do everything to keep you healthy.

How To Download.

Download For iPhone.

Download For Android.

How To Use.

We will explain you step by step process. As always you have to log in first to access this app. After the login process, this app asks you to set your goal plan.

You will show these plans.

  1. Lose Weight.
  2. Maintain Weight.
  3. Gain Weight.

You have to choose a plan from one of these. So after this set your Activity level.

Activity level means what you do all day. Spend most of the day sitting (desk job) or you spend most of the day on your feet (teacher, salesman). You have to set up your profile your gender, birthday, age, height, weight etc,

If you go with gain weight plan the app asks you to set your weight gain goal. How much weight do you want to gain? For Example, if your weight is 65kg then you have to set 75kg or more.

So now you will see the total calories that you need to achieve your goal. This app will take care of every single thing that helps you to gain weight.

This app also asks you what you eat today to set your progress. So you to enter your breakfast, lunch, and dinner also.

top fitness apps for iphone


  1. Millions of healthy recipes.
  2. Weight gain meal plan.
  3. Lose weight meal plan.
  4. Calories counter for weight gain or lose.
  5. Millions of exercise.
  6. Tracks your eating habits.
  7. Automatically track your steps and calories burned.
  8. Join challenges to earn prizes and stay motivated.
  9. Customize your goals to focus on what’s important to you.
  10. Set a calorie goal for each meal to help you stay on track.
  11. Track grams of carbs, protein, and fat in seconds.


Fitbit is personally designed to work with activity tracker and smart scales. Manage your devices, set goals, and add family members with Fitbit. Find the extra encouragement to move more by competing with friends and family with Fitbit Challenges.

Get fit with personalized bodyweight, run and walk workouts made just for you. So Join groups that you might like, and connect with people like you with Fitbit Community.

Reach your weight goals with a scale that keeps you on track. This app tracks everything how much calories you burn today and it will count your steps also. Fitbit is designed with amazing features. You can pair your device with various smart devices and get access. Fitbit is also on the top fitness apps for iPhone.

How To Download.

Download For iPhone.

Download For Android.

How To Use.

Well on the start page you have to select the Fitbit device that you want to connect with your app.

After selection, you have to create an account. So now here you can see the total calories that you have to burn today.

You can also track your exercises your weight and many more.

You can see a track exercise option here. By this, you can track your daily basis workouts and your fitness goals. On the top will get an account option.

Here you can set up your device. You will found here every single device that you want to connect with your iPhone or Android.

Everyone like Challenges this app has a challenges feature that is amazing. So this app offers you some exercise challenges that you have to do. You can also join communities and share things with them.

top fitness apps for iphone


  1. Sync devises wirelessly Alta, Flex 2, Alta HR, Charge HR.
  2. Track daily goals.
  3. Tracks your run, walks with GPS.
  4. Heart rate tracking system.
  5. Tracks your calories steps and distance.
  6. Yoga workouts for mind relaxing.
  7. Daily challenges to compete with friends.
  8. Millions of communities to share each and everything.
  9. Meal plan tracking system.
  10. Exercise progress system.
  11. Fitbit Coach here you will find hundreds of training videos.

7. Seven

Getting fit is never been so easy that everyone thoughts. We thought Seven is the best workout app for a busy person.

Nowadays everyone remains busy all day long with his works. So if you are a busy person. If you do not get a lot of time to exercise every day. So we prefer you Seven Workout app.

This app takes your 7seven minutes only and gives you better results then any fitness app gives you. So it is one of the best top free apps for iPhone and Android.

You can workout anytime, anywhere without any equipment. So Workout each part of your body. Cardio workouts raise your pulse and test your endurance. Take your fitness to the next level.

This app gives you maximum benefits of exercise within a very short time. Seven is also the best free fitness apps for iPhone. Seven is another level of workout app.


How To Download.

Download For iPhone.

Download For Android.

How To Use.

On the front page, you have to select how many days a week do you usually Workout.

0-1, 2-4, or 5-7 days a week.

Let’s select your workout plan. You will see 3 options here.

Get Fit

Get Strong

Lose Weight

Now on the next page, you have to select that you go with a premium account or you want a free trial.

In the Discover Section, you will also see many workouts categories.

Not sure what to do today? The full body workout can never go wrong. With no body part untouched, this workout will always leave you with a smile. So click start on this Full Body Workout Plan.

Maximized workout efficiency in one session. Full body workouts cover all your muscle groups in one go.

Start your fitness journey with a selection of workouts targeting your whole body to increase your overall fitness.

top fitness apps for iphone


  1. 50+ Workout Categories.
  2. Create Custom Workout tailored to your preferences.
  3. Instructor feature.
  4. Mark your favorite workouts and always have them.
  5. Get a new workout every time based on your preferences.
  6. Support your diet with calorie burning plan.
  7. Over 200 exercises instead of 12
  8. Personal trainer support.
  9. Gain muscle strength and keep your joints strong.
  10. Workouts for each level.


top fitness apps for iphone

So these are Top free fitness apps for iPhone and Android. We hope you like this.

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