Forgot iCloud Password 3 Simple Steps To Recover Now

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“ can anyone help me out I forgot the old password of my iCloud account and I lose my all numbers and data also I can’t recover it.?? ”

Forgot iCloud Password

Forgot iCloud Password is one of the common problems of any iPhone user. Many iPhone user forgot their iCloud Passwords. So if you forgot iCloud Password and you won’t able to reset your iCloud Password then we will explain you 3 easy and simple steps that 100% works. We will tell you how can you recover or reset your iCloud Password in just 2 or 3 minutes.

Looking so easy. Yeh, it’s so easy for everyone who forgot icloud password. The only thing you have to do is just read the full article.

So without wasting your time lets start.

Step 1. Recover iCloud Password.

If you forgot iCloud Password this is an almost impossible problem for you to solve. But now its so easy for you, this is how to do it.

In this step, we will explain to you how to recover a lost iCloud email password on your device.

So the first step is to have your device out


  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down to “ iTunes and App Store 


If you’re using a version before IOS 9 then you want to go to iCloud and tap on your account.

However, if you have IOS 9 or above then tap on iTunes & App Store.


  • Tap on your Apple ID.
  • And then select “ I Forget “

forgot icloud password

This option exists as well in the iCloud Settings if you have an older version.


  • So after this, it’s going to ask us to input our Apple ID.
  • Put here your Apple ID
  • Click Next


And now you can recover iCloud Password with an email address. Or you can answer the security questions you set up when you first made your account.

In this case, We suggest you select e-mail and click on Next.

forgot icloud password

  • Enter your iCloud email and tap on Next.
  • They will send you a Reset Password email to you
  • Open this email and click on Reset Password.
  • Now you can change your iCloud Password.

forgot icloud password

That it. This is how you can recover a lost iCloud email password.

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Step 2. Reset iCloud Password With “My Apple ID”

If you forgot iCloud Password this method will guide you how you can reset your password or recover your Apple ID.


  • Go to your Web Browser.
  • Then go to
  • Then tap on forgotten Apple ID or Password.
  • If you only forgot your password. Then enter Apple ID and continue.
  • Enter here your Apple ID and tap on Next.

forgot icloud password

If you remember your security question you can answer the security questions and reset your Password.

Or if you don’t remember the answers to security questions then select Recover Password by Email.


  • Now you will get an email from Apple in a few minutes.
  • And click continue. Now password recovery link is sent to your email which shows in this page.
  • So now go to your email inbox.
  • Open a mail that comes from Apple to Reset Password.
  • And click on Reset now.

forgot icloud password

Now you can enter here your new password and make sure don’t forget again.


Step 3. Reset Password Using “ Two-Factor Authentications”

This process will only work if you enable two-factor authentications to your account.

If you don’t remember anything and you want to recover iCloud Password then this method will work for you. You can recover your iCloud Password with one of your other IOS devices.

So follow our steps to Recover iCloud Password.



You can reset your password from one of your devices or using your trusted Phone Number. If you want to reset your iCloud Password with your trusted Phone number then tap on that.

You will receive a notification on that phone by clicking on that you will able to reset your iCloud Password.

Or if you choose to reset your password form another device then tap on “ reset from another device


  • Then go to the “ Settings
  • Tap on iCloud from your trusted device
  • Click on Password and Security and change here your Password.

forgot icloud password

Reset Apple ID Security Questions.

Are you forgot your Apple ID Security Questions or you Forgot iCloud Password. We have another easy and simple method to help you out.

You will easily Reset your Security Questions as well as your Password.

Follow the steps.

  • Go to
  • Enter here your Apple ID
  • If you need to reset your Security Questions then tap on that
  • Or you want to Reset your Password then select “ Reset My Password “ Option.

forgot icloud password

If you want to Reset your Security Questions then tap on it and Enter your Password.


  • Now Security Questions Box will open up.
  • Choose three questions here and write down their answers.
  • Tap on Continue.


Congratulations. You’ve done it. So if you need anything else please comment us below.

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