How To Find Best Smartphone – 8 Easy Steps

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How To Find the Best Smartphone. Everyone knows that choosing the best smartphone is a bit difficult for anyone. Now there are so many mobile phones in the market and it is very difficult to choose one of them.

Every Mobile phone has its own amazing features. But you have to choose which mobile you want to take.

having a high budget you can buy an expensive mobile which has a lot of fantastic features. But having a low budget, how will you choose a good Smartphone? Due to the low budget, you will not find the best mobile.

So we have a solution for you. After reading this you will be able to find or decide which is the best smartphone for you.

The article will briefly explain 8 steps to find out the best smartphone. In step 8, we will tell you how you will find your mobile even more easier and faster.

Find Best Smartphone For You.

1. Choose Operating System.

Choosing an operating system is up to you.

You have to choose that which operating system is best for your use.

Operating systems.

1. IOS

2. Android

3. Windows

1. IOS.

IOS/iPhone has many features like fingerprint scanningFaceTime chat, and iCloud support.

best smartphone

2. Android

Android has a home screen widget for customization. It has also a feature of Google Now. Most Android Phones also had a fingerprint sensor and Google Drive to save personal and important data.

best smartphone

3. Windows

Windows phone also has many features like IOS and Android. Windows phone has Cortana feature for voice recognition. And also have features of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

best smartphone

2. Price Range.

iPhone 6 more expensive than android phones. The new models of Samsung like Note 9 and Galaxy S9 are also very expensive.

So you have to decide your price range to buy a mobile. We will solve your price range problem at the end of this article in step 8.

best smartphone

3. Screen Size

Screen size plays an important role in your smartphone shape and style also. Are you like small and simple mobile then go with 4.7 or 5.0 inches screen size mobile.

If you want to buy big display mobile phone then you have to choose 5.5 or 6.0 inches display smartphone.

best smartphone

4. Battery

Battery life is also a very important thing in choosing the best android phone. Average mobile phone battery life is about 8 to 18 hours.

When we are using the internet or playing games on our mobile the battery will drain more quickly.

So we prefer you to buy a big battery mobile phone for example ” 3000mAh battery or 4000mAh ” battery smartphone.

Most android phones will not support replaceable batteries. So makes sure that your smartphone will support replaceable batteries.

best smartphone

5. Camera.

Android phones are known for capturing a moment, known for taking high-quality pictures.

The best way to check any mobile camera sample just go to Google and type for example  Samsung Note 9 camera sample  and press enter.

Now you can easily check Note9 mobile camera sample. You also can check any mobile camera sample using this method. You want to choose a minimum 15-megapixel camera smartphone.

best smartphone

6. Ram.

If you wanted to install lots of mobile apps and games as well. Then you will definitely know that the ram is very important for mobile speed.

So you should buy minimum 3GB Ram smartphone.

7. Storage.

Are you fonder of watching movies and listening to songs, then you have to go with big internal storage mobile phones, for example, 16g.b to 32g.b.

In 16gb internal storage, you can store about 4000 songs and 10,000 pictures approximately.

best smartphone

8. Tip to Find the Best Smartphone Easily.

So Are you facing some problems in choosing a good mobile phone, We found an easy way for you to choose the best mobile phone.

Just follow my steps.

1. Go to any shopping site Amazon or eBay or Ali Express etc.

2. Type the company name of the smartphone you want to buy.

3. Now go on Sort by.

4. Enter your price range here.

5. Apply the filter.

This site will display only those mobiles that comply with your price range.
So here you will find the best mobile phone.

best smartphone


Before buying a smartphone, check its specifications first.

Specifications mean mobile Ram, Storage, Display, Battery and Camera etc.

Write on google search your “mobile model space specification”. For example  Samsung note9 specifications .Now, you can check Note9 specifications from any website in the search results.

best smartphone

So we hope that this will help you a lot to choose the best smartphone for you.

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