Create Apple ID For Child In 3 Steps [ Latest Method ]

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This is a short article on creating an Apple ID for Child. If you want to create Apple Id for Child then you have come on the right place. Make sure to read the full article to understand all the things.

There are many methods to create Apple id for Child. We will totally help you out to make all things done. So in this article, we will explain with you the 3 Steps to Create Apple ID For Child. So just keep reading.

Create Apple ID For Child 3 Steps.

Step 1. Do This Before Creating Apple ID.

Want to give your old iPhone to your kids?

Here are some of the things you should do before giving the kids your old iPhone.

Delete All Data.

How to Delete All Data in your iPhone.

  1. Go to “ Settings “
  2. Got to iPhone’s General Settings
  3. In General Settings, go to “ Reset ”
  4. In Reset Tab, tap “ Erase All Content and Settings “

Set Access Limitation.

How to Set Browsing Access Limitation.

  1. Go to “ Settings “
  2. Go to “ General Settings“
  3. In General Settings, go to “ Restrictions “
  4. Tap “ Enable Restrictions “
  5. Set a 4 digit Passcode that only you know
  6. After that, tap at “ Websites “
  7. In the Allowed websites choose the “ Limit Adult Content “

This will ensure your children unable to open any Adult related websites.

Clear History.

  1. First, go to Settings and then tap at “ Safari Browser “
  2. At Safari Settings, tap the “ Clear History and any Website Data “

That’s Done, Now you can create Apple ID for Child.

Step 2. Create New Apple ID For Child.

We will explain to you how you can Create Apple ID for Child Step by Step.

Follow our steps to Create Apple ID For Child.

  • Go To iPhone/iPod Settings
  • Now tap on “iCloud”
  • So now click on “ Family Sharing ” option

If you want to add an existing apple id then click on “ Add Family Member “. Enter here your child existing Apple Id and set up Family Sharing.

create apple id for child

However, we’re not going to add a Family Member. We are going to Create Apple ID For Child.

  • As written in blue “ Create Apple ID for Child “ tap on that.
  • And up comes “ create an Apple ID for child “ tap on next.
  • So here you want to put the birth of your child.
  • Set your childbirth date here and click on next.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions.
  • And this step will just verify your credit card type here your credit card security code.
  • This is personal details section
  • Type here the name of your child.

create apple id for child

Create New Apple ID.

So now create the Apple ID for itself. This is the email address used as the Apple ID.

So it’s going to be a case of trying to be very very creative an individual because there is always a high chance that the email address that you would like has been taken.

So try a little simple or similar to your name. If it doesn’t exist you can keep going.

  • So click on create it now.

create apple id for child

Password and Security.

Okay, So at this point we need to put in a password and you’ll see from the text written at the top. It needs to have some conditions.

That being that it has to have at least eight characters include a number an uppercase letter and a lowercase letter.

So in this case you want to put a password that you’ll need to record down somewhere else. Make sure we don’t forget it.

  • Enter here your password and tap next.
  • Next step may take a few moments to get through.
  • So you’re going to choose three questions and putting three answers.

create apple id for child

Again like your password a very good idea to record it some way. So with your questions have done, again make sure that you have recorded those somewhere.

They are required if you forget your password. So again to record them somewhere.

  • Select your questions and write down the answers.
  • Click on Next.

Ask To Buy.

Next step is asked to buy. So this is the toggle which requires any child under the age of 13 if you want them to request permission before they can download an app. This will make that happen.

If you’re happy for them to just download the app on their own you’re welcome to just “switch that off ”. But again if you do have it “ switched on “ they cannot download the app until you approve it.

  • Choose as you want and tap on next.

create apple id for child

Sharing Locations.

Sharing your location is totally up to you. So whether or not you would like that person or that child to share their location with you again.

The iPad needs to have location services turned on and needs to have Wi-Fi for it to work.

That’s a personal choice we ask you to take “ Yes ” to share location

  • Agrees to some terms and conditions.
  • Finish Setup.

create apple id for child

Okay so now that’s complete.

Hopefully, you’ve managed to Create Apple ID for Child.

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Step 3. Family Sharing.

This is a Family Sharing Method. Using this method will help you to set up the service.

Follow The steps.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Then touch iCloud.
  • Select set up family sharing.
  • Then tap on Get Started.
  • Continue through all the Prompt.

Although this service is free it’s important to note that you will need a credit card or debit card attached to your Apple to verify that you’re an adult.

Once your account is active. You’ll see options to add a family member or create a new Apple ID for Child.

  • Enter your child’s existing Apple ID and touch next.
  • Verify your payment information.
  • Next step is “ Ask to buy“ be sure to choose.
  • Ask permission for purchases.
  • You may send an invitation to your child or enter their Apple ID password to finish.
  • Enter Password.
  • The last step is to Share your location with your child.

Benefits Of Family Sharing.

  • Family sharing creates many ways you can stay connected with your child.
  • You can share a To Do List
  • share a photo album
  • set reminders for your child
  • send and receive messages
  • track devices all with your Apple ID.


That’s the end of this article. Congratulations. Now you set up your own family group.

If you have any questions write down to us we will help you.

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Thank You.